Google Alerts


On professional level, Google Alerts is one of the top free tools for search engine optimization for SEOers and digital marketers. If your company would like to be active in social media, you already know the importance of listening, monitoring what’s being said online about your organisation to better understand the concerns and priorities of your stakeholders. But who has time to keep a close watch on all those social networks, media websites, blogs or discussion groups? Google Alerts does the work for you.

Using Google Alerts, SEOers and web masters can monitor the web for interesting new content, including news stories, blog posts, and industry developments, that are relevant to their business or even your competitors’ brands. Simply enter a query – a keyword, searchable phrase, or URL – and Google Alerts will monitor the web for any and all matching content. New results are delivered via email or RSS feed, daily, weekly, or in real time. It provides SEOers with a direct line to highly relevant content as it appears on the internet. For startup companies, it is a great way to get a service that would be charged for by PR companies entirely for free.

Google Alerts can also be an effective tool to maintain your website security. Spammers and hackers have many tricks to spam or even hijack a site by auto generating a lot of links to advertise their website on yours, or hiding bad links in footers, creating junk pages and inserting them into your website. With Google Alerts, you can keep an eye on suspicious activities and take action before any real damage occurs.

Example: your site acne OR botox OR casino OR dating OR debt OR insurance OR mortgage OR pharmacy OR poker OR porn 

On personal level, there are a large number of creative uses for Google Alerts. As it is a good way to gather information, it can be used as a great bargain hunting tool as well. If you are looking for a cheap air tickets to travel in holidays, you can set an alert for latest promotions to airfare deals then sit back and let the bargains come to you. Moreover, you can also hear about new coupon codes as soon as they hit the web, and you will have first dibs on using them. This is especially useful if you are trying to grab a promotion that is only valid for few uses or limited-time offers. Online shopaholics, let’s shop smart with Google Alerts!

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Another benefit of the tool is to assist users in hunting job. Whether you are unemployed or just looking for a better position, Google Alerts can help you search for job openings and have results delivered straight to your inbox so you can apply immediately. In comparison with combing through job boards on different platforms, you can target Google Alerts to the companies you are interested in working for. You can even tailor them directly to the types of jobs you’re looking for and since every job site and public company website is indexed by Google, you’ll probably be the first person to hear that the listing has been posted.

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If you want to be a trend leader or more simply just want to gossip with your friends about any sort of latest news, Google Alerts would be worth a try. To me, it is a better form of Google Search, especially when I feel like I am drowning in a sea of information while searching on Google Search and got many O between G and GLE in a wink (for example the notification of about 600 millions relevant results have been sought out in 0.25 seconds always terrifies me).