Sketch 1 – Niece playing with pots and pans

The idea behind is collaborate with other people in overseas, based on my current situation that I’m living far from my home country to study. I asked my brother to show me what he would do in 1 hour before dinner and then received a link to access to the clip on his Google Drive account. In this sketch, my niece was playing with kitchenware and my brother was looking after his daughter. She was ‘collaborating’ with him, giving him what he asked for.

More clips need to be shot to show the way each family member use the phone to let me know what they will be doing in 1 hour before dinner and share their stories in the method they want (it could be live stream via Facetime or sharing videos on Google Drive like my brother or using Facebook Messenger to take multiple 15-second-clips then send it to me and so on). In the editing process, I will split the clips into 4 screens. I learnt this way while watching film ‘Y&M2’ of Anna Massoni in MINA 2013. I think this is a creative way that brings to the audience an exhaustive view on the whole content.