Sketch 2: New year’s eve fireworks

These 2 clips were taken in the New Year’s eve firework display in two cities Melbourne and Brisbane in 2016. As they are fit for the affordance ‘collaboration’, I want to use them as one of my sketches.

While the clip of fireworks in Melbourne was taken by me, the other was shot by one of my friends who is living in Brisbane at almost the same time with me. Actually, it was a New Year’s gift from my friend. I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC to join 2 clips together and add titles. This sketch shares the same idea with the first one – collaborate between people in different locations. However, this time, I did not split clips into 2 parallel screens like I want to do in the the first sketch. I want to join the clips by the movements of camera angles, for example if in the first one I moved my camera in vertically left direction, I would choose the starting point of the second clip in the same direction. Each time the camera angle is changed, I will change the scene to another place/event (with has the same movement direction). The scene will look like it will be playing forward or rewind, showing what happened in different locations on the New Year’s eve.