Sketch 1: Bourke St Day vs. Night

I made this sketch with my friend’s help. I showed her the performance of a female singer on the corner of Swanston Street and Bourke Street in the evening that I had shot before and then asked her to shoot what happened in the same place during daytime. After did that, she said it was boring as there was only a bunch of people walking to work. However, I think this is one special trait of city life: work hard – play hard. Thanks to the camera’s phone we could collaborate to create a simple sketch about the difference in life between morning and evening. The sketch could be improved to focus not only the difference in the time but also the location, for example, I will split the screen into 4, the two on top will be the day and night life of a crowded Western style corner such as Bourke St, the two at bottom will be the day and night life of a Eastern style place such as Chinatown. In doing so, viewers can see the difference between each culture lifestyle in a multicultural environment like Melbourne City.